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1.3 oz/sq.ft

Woolpower® 400 g/m2 can be worn against the body or as supplementary garments over Woolpower® 200 g/m2. A terry knit with a soft inner surface of fine Merino wool, reinforced with polyamide for improved durability. Seamless, tubular knit legs, sleeves and body for high comfort.

Woolpower® 400 g/m2 has a unique warming capacity due to its design and material, which keeps your body dry and retains its thermal properties even when damp.

Turtleneck jacket
with full zipper
Women´s Art. no:911 EN 531
Men´s Art. no:912 EN 531
Women´s Art. no:961
Men´s Art. no:962
Women´s pant
Women´s Art. no:914 EN 531
Women´s Art. no:965
Men´s pant/ fly front
Men´s Art. no:915 EN 531
Men´s Art. no:965
One-piece suit
Men´s Art. no:918 EN 531
Men´s Art. no:964


Turtleneck for a supple and comfortable fit. Full zipper opening for ventilation of excess warmth.

Seamless, roomy, tubular knit legs and body for high comfort.

Elastic, pliable terry knit with unique insulating properties.

Superwash treated to allow machine washing at 140 °F.

Cuffs woven into the material using Elastan for added elasticity.
Reinforced thumbholes.

Tricot banded, elongated back section prevents gaping during activity.

Pants have waist ribbing knitted in one piece with the garment, with added elastan for high elasticity.

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