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It's a fair question. Why do your eyes skip right over a motionless deer in plain view? The reason is simple, and rests on the elemental process of vision perception. Countless light rays reach the eye every instant. The brain compares the light information and then decides what are the objects and what is the background.

Game animals rely mostly on contrast or sudden changes in brightness to separate the objects from the background. A sharp contrast like a silhouette against the sky is instantly recognized. Individual trees in a forest take a little more attention. The deer or mountain lion is a stand of trees in not seen because the trees offer more contrast than fur. The eye picks out the trees and ignores the fur.

To conceal yourself from this process you h have two basic choices. You can wear a disguise that makes you appear to be a harmless thing like a tree. Or you can conceal yourself by avoiding the eye altogether. Mother nature designs fur to avoid the eye and Omnitherm's EYE-D-VERSION pattern works the same way. Slight movement is less likely to be detected.

Omnitherm's EYE-D-VERSION PATTERN gives the eye nothing to find, so the movement is not associated with any object.

Omnitherm also offers other exclusive camouflage advantages. We dye each strand of woolen yarn with organic colorfast dyes that are absolutely ultraviolet (UV) neutral. We began using UV neutral dyes for Omnitherm used by U.S. Military special teams -- UV neutral dyes reduce detection by guard dogs. Game animals see UV too, especially at dawn and dusk.

Because Omnitherm colors are woven in, you don't get the sharp contrast lines of printed fabrics where one color changes to another. Yet because we use fine index looms, you still get a distinct pattern that dissolves your outline into the background.

Omnitherm EYE-D-VERSION comes in three patterns. Use Autumn or Timber in the forest or the bush where dark colors will absorb more light. In open country, above timberline, or up in a tree when all the leaves are gone, use Blowdown.

Blowdown Autumn Brown Timber