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Omnitherm/Omnilite is unlike any other fabric in the world.

Before King of the Mountain developed their first yard of cloth in 1980, they began with a list of the qualities needed for hunting instead of a list of readily available fabrics.

They wanted truly effective camouflage, but also needed a fabric that was absolutely quiet, warm without being bulky, lightweight and comfortable to wear. It had to be tough enough to stand up to the rigors of hunting, and weatherproof enough to handle rain, snow, and wind. It had to be versatile enough to wear climbing a mountain or sitting on top, and do it all without the on-again, off-again layering shuffle. And after the hunt, it had to be easy to care for 50 miles from the nearest road or when you arrive home covered with mud, burrs, and blood.

Omnitherm and Omnilite wool with Eye-D-Version camo patterns will stand up to your hunting conditions.