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Most people think "hassle" when they think about cleaning wool clothing. That's why we thought it worth the additional expense and time to manufacture a wool fabric tough enough for repeated trips through a washing machine. The standard Hand Wash or Dry Clean Label would have gotten us off the hook. We could have made it cheaper and left the shrinkage problem for you to solve.

But we thought our customers would appreciated the ability to take their mud-caked, blood-soaked clothes to their laundry room instead of the dry cleaner.

And we knew they'd just as likely dry their gear in a hot cook tent, and need to fit into it the next day.

So we chose a fine grade of wool, a more expensive process to spin our own, organic dyes, special looms, and an extended finishing process -- all cost more time and money, but ensure a superior product.

And then we made an important discovery. After Omnitherm took a few trips through a washing machine, the already tight weave got even tighter.

It blocked more wind and shed more water while it remained just as breathable. Each washing left the fabric revitalized, feeling softer and thicker.

When you own Omnitherm, getting dirty when you hunt is not a problem, it's an advantage. No hand washing big wads of wool or signing big checks at the dry cleaners. Just throw your gear in the washing machine, use cold water and the gentle cycle. After the final spin, give it a firm stretch while the fabric is still wet and then hang it up to dry.