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With Woolpower®, your feet will always be dry

Comfortable feet are important for your general well being. But it is hard to find a sock that really works under both wet and dry conditions. Try Woolpower® – the ideal material for socks. Wool and synthetic fibers have been blended to take advantage of the favorable characteristics of both materials. The wool absorbs and wicks moisture from the sock, keeping the skin dry and comfortable and reducing the risk of athlete’s foot. The synthetic fiber increases the durability of the sock.

Research shows that our feet are most comfortable at a temperature of between 82 °F and 93 °F. The inherent properties of wool allow Woolpower® to maintain a comfortable foot temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer.

The shoes you wear are also important. Your feet need proper ventilation in order to expel the moisture which is formed, even if the amount varies from person to person. As a rule men perspire more than women, and the outdoor temperature and type of activity play a decisive role.

A thinner recreational sock made of our finest gauge knit. Suitable for both summer and winter in lightweight shoes.
SPORT with logo
Sport sock for year-round use. Suitable in both jogging shoes or lightweight hiking or work shoes.
Art. no:978
Art. no:976
0.7 oz/sq.ft
1.3 oz/sq.ft
Sport sock for year-round use. Suitable in both jogging shoes or lightweight hiking or work shoes. Also available with aramide fiber for increased flame resistance.
For the harshest weather conditions. Most suitable as an outer sock in combination with Sport or Leisure. The Arctic sock requires extra roomy footwear.
Art. no:974
Art. no:975 EN 531
Art. no:977
1.3 oz/sq.ft
2.6 oz/sq.ft
A thick, durable sock for cold weather. Suitable in heavyweight shoes and boots. Also available in knee length and with aramide fiber for increased flame resistance.
2 oz/sq.ft
Art. no:970
Art. no:971 EN 531
Art. no:973

Choose socks according to activity
If you’re going to be sitting still, for example when hunting or as a winter sports spectator, you need some kind of insulation. Warm socks are recommended (Woolpower® 400 g/m2 and/or 600 g/m2, or even up to 800 g/m2 in extreme cold).

On the other hand, if you are thinking of taking a walk and your entire body is in motion, a thinner sock (Woolpower® 200 g/m2 or 400 g/m2) and an unlined leather shoe might be sufficient.

We suggest that you wear socks in 400 g/m2 and/or 600 g/m2 together with thermalwear in 200 g/m2, since the feet always maintain a lower temperature than the rest of the body.
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