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Omnitherm is a shrink-stabilized, weather-tight multi-ply woven wool fabric -- a long way of saying our process makes the wool more water and wind repellent, more durable, higher in loft, better at insulating and far more breathable.

Stabilizing a wool fabric for repeated trips through a washing machine is a difficult job. It requires additional time and expense, along with close attention to materials.

We spin our own 100% virgin wool yarn with an exclusive process using only fine grade top cut (not scratchy) wool with a high percentage of long fiber.

The 100% virgin wool is spun in an exclusive process that interlocks the short and long fibers into an exceptionally strong, durable, and stable woolen yarn.

Each color of Omnitherm is a yarn dyed separately with our own organic dyes which are absolutely UV neutral.

That means they will reflect light exactly like the rest of the natural world so that you won't stand out in any wavelength of light. And of course our dyes are colorfast so the pattern won't fade away.

Omnitherm's Camouflage pattern isn't printed onto the fabric -- it's woven in, on specialized fine index looms. They isolate one color yarn on top and hide the four additional strands underneath. We use the best looms of their kind in the world.

The fabric that comes off these looms is tight enough to earn a dry clean or hand wash label, but it's not ready for the Omnitherm label. We finish the fabric with an exclusive process that includes repeated shrinking.

The end result is a fabric that is unmatched in field performance and ease of care.