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The Wrecking Bar with 20-year guarantee

The TOVE-wreckingbar is made of specially alloyed spring steel. The overall bar is tempered for extra strength.
The key characteristics are:

  • Extreme strength in relation to their length and low weight. In tests performed by the National Swedish Institute for Materials Testing, the wrecking bars were found to withstand extreme strain without yielding.
  • The chisel end and the nail claw end are both sharpened so the edges can easily be wedged behind ledges, planks, mouldings, etc.
  • Both the chisel end and the nail claw end are designed with a broad surface to provide minimal damage and marring to the working head.
  • The nail claw has a precision angled V-slot design to allow nails to be pulled regardless of the size of the head.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Manufactured since 1942.


  • TOVE-Wreckingbar 11'' ­ 0.4 kg/ 0,9 lbs
  • TOVE-Wreckingbar 20'' ­ 0.9 kg/ 2,0 lbs
  • TOVE-Wreckingbar 25'' ­ 1,4 kg/ 3,1 lbs
  • TOVE-Wreckingbar 28'' ­ 1,8 kg/ 4,0 lbs
  • TOVE-Wreckingbar 36'' ­ 2,5 kg/ 5,5 lbs



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